At CMC, we build continuously on our strong scientific foundation to provide innovative, insight-driven solutions that best meet the communication needs of your product or therapy area. We recommend, develop and deploy appropriate digital solutions across the product life-cycle, from trial recruitment to cost-effective solutions for established brands.

We are focussed on identifying solutions that enhance engagement and promote understanding, using the most appropriate technology to meet communication objectives.

We facilitate connection with – and between – stakeholders, deliver brand and data messages and engage with online communities through:

  • Digital training
  • Landscaping and insight consultations to open new opportunities
  • Product digital workshops

We understand the power and importance of developing a strong digital strategy and our in-house digital specialists can guide you through this innovative, ever-changing landscape, including setting metrics to track the impact and success of your plan.

CMC has successfully delivered a variety of digital projects that include:

  • Digital landscaping and digital strategy development
  • eLearning modules/curricula
  • Clinical trial websites
  • Interactive animations including mechanisms of action
  • Disease education websites, tools and services
  • Interactive patient/healthcare professional materials
  • Multimedia educational tools
  • Videos
  • Virtual and augmented reality applications
  • Apps for smart devices
  • Interactive and integrated web-based scientific platform and communications planners