CMC has the scientific expertise and commercial insight to support your product from early development to patent expiry, providing strategic consultancy at all levels. We use a variety of tools and approaches – combined with therapy-area insight, creative thinking and analytical rigour – to provide solutions for complex challenges.

We understand the importance of a robust communication strategy and have experience of conducting situation analyses, developing communication objectives and launching initiatives to ensure that the strategy for your product overcomes any communication issues you face, whilst meeting the needs of your key stakeholders. We can develop a full multi-channel communication plan covering all relevant tactics to create a lasting impact. We can also provide global-to-local expertise to ensure that we build a communications plan that all colleagues support and engage with.

Consistent, clear and evidence-based communication that is relevant to all key stakeholders is critical for the success of your product. CMC prides itself on its expertise in scientific platform development to provide a solid scientific foundation to help define your future information flow. CMC can support you with all components of a typical scientific platform including gap analyses, in-depth evidence collation, development of key scientific messages and supporting statements, as well as lexicon development. We also have experience of developing commercial product messages.

We recognise that it is of paramount importance that internal teams are aligned on the communication strategy, plan and scientific platform, and are therefore able to offer a variety of well-structured interactive workshops to help achieve this alignment. Ensuring that plans and platforms are utilised by stakeholders represents a different challenge. At CMC, we thrive on providing solutions to complex challenges and have developed an interactive tool, which allows you to gather all your strategic resources (scientific platform, communication plan, lexicon, publication plan, bibliography, etc) in one location, creating a linked and embedded one-stop-shop for your product’s communication strategy.

For information on our publication strategy experience, see Publication planning and delivery.